SnapAttendance is not your average time clock. Snap runs on any tablet or computer, verifies people with a quick photo and only costs $1 per person per month!

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2 Launch the app

On a tablet or computer.

3 Add the people

And start collecting timesheets!

11:02 AM
December 8th, 2016 11:02 AM
6:50 AM
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Try it! Let’s clock Mia out.
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Mia Seto, leave a note if you'd like, then press to clock out!

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Easiest time clock EVER

Sign up, install app, add names. It’s that easy to start capturing timesheets electronically!

Eliminate buddy clocking

We snap a pic of the person clocking in/out, then use facial recognition technology to verify them.

Reduce expensive overtime

It’s all too easy for employees to exaggerate on their timesheets. Snap them out of it.

Facial recognition is king

Cards get lost, PINs get shared, paper is slow and fingerprint scanners are expensive. See how they compare

Low hardware cost

Run the attendance screen on a wall mounted tablet, or from any computer with a webcam! Learn about the hardware options

Custom timesheet reports

At the end of the day or pay cycle check the timesheets, run reports and export to Excel.

Great price, NO contract

$1 (USD) per person, per month. Includes unlimited snaps and timesheets.

For business of any size

Use Snap with one staff or 1,000! Multiple time clocks sync who is clocked in and out automatically.

Securely hosted

Timesheets and images are transferred and stored in the Amazon cloud and accessed over 128-bit SSL.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is facial recognition? More than 99%.

It depends how many training images have been set for the person, if they're looking front on at the camera and how good the lighting in the room is. Personally, we have NEVER seen a false positive (only false negatives, which will be highlighted within your timesheet review page).

How long does it take to clock in? Around two seconds.

On a tablet, the devices camera is initiated as soon as a person touches their name. As soon as they take the picture they are clocked in (we upload it in the background). It takes a little longer on a computer to start the camera up, but still less than five seconds.

What hardware should I run the attendance screen on? A computer or wall mounted tablet.

One of the best things about Snap is that it can run on existing hardware. If you have a computer in the back office you can attach an inexpensive webcam and start capturing attendance. For best results, wall mount a tablet (iPad or Android based) with some of the gear from Studio Proper.

What if my Internet connection goes down? Everything works as usual.

On both tablets and computers, the attendance screen will work while offline (if already open). As soon as a connection is re-established, clock ins and outs performed offline will be uploaded to your timesheet page.

How long are snaps stored? 60 days.

We store all photos a maximum of 60 days unless you a) delete the person they are connected to, or b) delete your account. At this point, they are removed from our servers and can't be restored. Timesheet data is stored until you delete your account.

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Who are we

SnapAttendance is developed and supported by Ento - a workforce software solution used by some of Australia’s biggest brands and hundreds of smaller ones.

What was a couple of us ‘messing around on a Friday afternoon’ quickly turned into a little startup in it’s own right and we can’t wait to providing companies all over the world with the beautiful, simple time clock we call SnapAttendance! Read more about our story